How do I know what size of bracelet or anklet to order?

Using a cloth measuring tape, take a snug measurement at the spot where you want the bracelet / anklet to sit on your wrist / ankle. Add ½ inch to allow for the beads. This is the size you will order.

If you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, use a string, or thin strip of paper, and then lay it out on a ruler.  Add ½” to your measurement and order this size.

Can I have an order custom made?

Yes! I would be happy to work with you to custom make something special for you.  Please use the Contact section to reach out.

I want something to help with anxiety, stress, communication, etc. How do I know which gemstones to choose?

The Gemstone Properties page gives a description of the metaphysical properties of each gemstone used in my Shop. You will also find which Chakra they are used for as well as Birthstone and Anniversary information.

I would like a different charm put on the jewelry I chose, or I don’t want a charm at all. Is this possible?

 In most cases yes! Please use the Contact page to discuss options.

How does shipping work?

If you want your order shipped there is a flat shipping rate of $5.00 across Canada. Orders are shipped through Canada Post. If you are outside of Canada, please use the Contact Us tab to discuss shipping costs. If you are local to Humboldt Saskatchewan you may choose to Pick Up your order at no cost.

I want a Morse Code bracelet / anklet. Can I choose my own message?

Since each individual letter can take up to five beads, messages must be kept short. Please contact me with the message you would like and the size of bracelet / anklet and I will map it out to see if it will fit.

How do I attach the mask lanyard to my mask?

Put your mask lanyard around your neck with the clips at the bottom. Attach the clips to the ear loops of the mask. Put on your mask as usual. The lanyard will hang on the bototm of the ear loop in front of your ears.

What length of necklace should I order?