Gemstone Properties


Fosters love and can awaken inherent talents. It brings balance and eliminates negativity. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety. 

Uses: Love, Talent, Eliminate Negativity, Soothe, Calm, Heal Anger, Tension, Courage, Strength, Protection, Security, Safety, Balance, Harmony

Chakra: Crown


A soothing and calming stone that is believed to help eliminate worries and fears. It helps to open the heart leading to better communication.

Uses: Soothe, Calm, Stress, Anxiety, Communication, Worry, Fear, Intuition, Balance, Unconditional Love

Chakra: Heart, Throat


Helps to attain wisdom and sincerity by calming the mind to encourage clear thinking. Amethyst is believed to be a very powerful and protective stone. It can dispel anger, fear and anxiety, balance mood swings, and helps you feel less scattered. It activates spiritual awareness and allows you to embrace your spiritual destiny. It is believed to relieve insomnia. 

Uses: Wisdom, Sincerity, Clear Thinking, Dispel Anger, Dispel Fear, Anxiety, Calm, Balance Mood Swings, Clarity, Protection, Intuition, Focus

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown 

Birthstone: February

Anniversary: 6th


This stone is believed to bring peace and tranquility reminding you that your angels are always with you. Angelite helps to dispel fear, anger and anxiety and encourages forgiveness. 

Uses: Peace, Tranquility, Angels, Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Forgiveness 

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown 

Caution: Do not wear Angelite while bathing or swimming.


This ‘Stone of Courage’ aids in compassion, tolerance, and communication. The calming energies of this stone reduce stress and quiets the mind. It supports those overwhelmed by responsibility. Aquamarine is thought to be very protective during pregnancy.

Uses: Courage, Compassion, Tolerance, Communication, Calm, Stress, Protection

Chakra: Throat

Birthstone: March


This is a very spiritual stone. It is believed to aid Psycic and  intuitive development, enhances creativity and inner wisdom.

Uses: Spirituality, Intuition, Creativity, Wisdom

Chakra: Third Eye


This stone is believed to be very protective and grounding and is particularly helpful for decision making. It restores harmony within ourselves helping with inner balance. Bronzite is thought to give you the courage to follow through with life path decisions.

Uses: Protection, Decision Making, Balance, Harmony, Courage

Chakra: Base and Sacral


This calming, nurturing, peaceful stone is believed to foster balance between the mind, body and soul helping with mental and emotional stability. It is sometimes called the ‘Speakers Stone’ as it encourages reflection before speaking. Chalcedony absorbs negative energy 

Uses: Emotional Balance, Calm, Nurturing, Peace, Communication, Harmony, Absorbs Negative Energy 

Negativity, Public Speaking

Chakra: Throat


This gemstone draws out guilt, brings joy, and increases the capacity of love. It encourages self-awareness and inner balance, and helps to reduce mental tension

Uses: Joy, Love, Self-Awareness, Inner Balance, Reduce Tension

Chakra: Throat, Heart


This stone is believed to help one to focus and clear the mind so it can be a clear channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Pearl is symbolic of purity, innocence and faith. It is believed to increase fertility and ease childbirth. 

Uses: Focus, Clarity, Wisdom, Spirituality, Purity, Innocence, Faith, Fertility, Childbirth

Chakra: Third Eye

Anniversary: 3rd (or Jade)


This stone is believed to balance the mind and emotion shielding you from negativity. It opens the heart and bestows love, devotion and self confidence. It is known as a powerful energizing stone, especially for cleansing and re-energizing the chakras. It has been used as a talisman for warding off danger.

Uses: Balance, Emotion, Negativity, Confidence, Energy Balance, Cleanse, Love, Devotion

Chakra: Base, Heart

Birthstone: January

Anniversary: 2nd


‘Stone of Ambition’. This is a man-made stone of glass infused with flecks of copper, cobalt or manganese. Copper is believed to be uplifting, a conductor of energies, and a healing talisman. Goldstone builds energy, courage and positive attitude.

Uses: Uplifting, Energy, Healing, Courage, Positive Attitude

Chakra: Throat, Sacral


This is a loving, calming stone that absorbs and uplifts tension, anxiety and stress. It may help soothe you into sleep. It is useful to control anger, bring calm and allow thoughtful communication to take place.

Uses: Insomnia, Calming, Tension, Stress, Anxiety, Communication, 

Chakra: Third Eye


This stone is a symbol of purity and serenity. Jade is great for strengthening friendship and bringing good luck. It increases love and nurturing, and brings harmony. It is a protective stone that shields the wearer from harm.  It helps us realize potential by boosting self confidence. This stone soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts. Jade is believed to help with fertility and childbirth. 

Uses: Purity, Serenity, Friendship, Luck, Love, Nurturing, Harmony, Protective, Confidence, Negativity, Fertility, Childbirth

Chakra: Heart

Anniversary: 12th


‘Stone of Harmony’. This stone provides stability, security, and calm making it a great choice for stress relief. Jasper has been recommended to help with anxiety, reduce nightmares and keep the mind calm for better study habits. It balances our physical, emotional and intellectual states. It aids stamina and enables us to endure energy draining situations. 

Uses: Anxiety, Stability, Security, Calm, Stress Relief, Nightmares, Stamina, Energy

Chakra: Base


This stone is believed to help you realize and achieve your destiny in this life. It is thought to rid a person of fears and insecurities and gives strength to embrace change. It can bring calm to an overactive mind and stimulates imagination.

Uses: Calm, Dispel Fear, Insecurities, Strength, Embrace Change, Imagination

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye, Crown


This stone quickly and effortlessly calms the mind and bestows inner peace. Larimar embraces love and joy, opening up the heart by allowing us to express unconditional love. It is a very strong healing stone and protector of harmful emotions towards others and oneself.

Uses: Calming, Peace, Love, Joy, Healing, Emotion, Protection

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye


This is a calming and grounding stone that gives you courage and strength.  It is believed to enhance fertility. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil to carry their healing properties with you all day. 

Uses: Calm, Grounding, Courage, Strength, Fertility. 

Chakra: Base


This stone is believed to relieve stress and anxiety, bring emotional healing, and create a divine connection. It is the ’Stone of Transition’.  It can help you recognize where you want to be in life and what you need to change to get there. It is believed to support the release of addictions. It encourages independence, self love and trust.

Uses: Stress, Anxiety, Emotional Healing, Divine Connection, Transition, Release of Addictions, Independence, Self Love, Trust

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Heart


 ‘Medicinal Stone”.  This stone is used in Chinese Medicine and is believed to be a healing stone that helps to maintain a healthy spirit.

Uses: Healing, Healthy Spirit


This stone is believed to help you become self-aware, enabling you to cut stress and negative patterns from your life. It is thought to help to release tension, and give the wearer a sense of calm and protection.

Uses: Self Awareness, Cut Stress and Negative Patterns, Tension, Calming, Protective

Chakra: Base


This stone is believed to help you breathe easier, giving you balance and confidence to take the next step. It gives strength and stamina. Onyx is thought to banish grief and encourage happiness and good fortune.

Uses: Balance, Confidence, Strength, Stamina, Grieving, Happiness, Fortune

Chakra: Base

Anniversary: 7th


This stone is believed to help manage mood swings and verbalise hidden feelings. It’s high energy makes it ideal for meditation. 

Uses: Mood Swings, Communication, Energy, Meditation, 

Chakra: Third Eye


‘Master Healer’ or ‘Stone of Power’. This stone enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing and focusing it. It will draw off negative energy and will energize other crystals. Quartz is powerfully protective. Due to its ability to balance it is good for harmonizing and balancing our environment.

Uses: Healing, Power, Energy, Protection, Balance, Harmony, Fear, Depression, Stress, Communication

Chakra: Crown

Birthstone: April

Anniversary: Clear Quartz is for the 10th Anniversary


This stone is thought to symbolize life and blood force. It is believed to aid in conception and nurture mother-child bonds. It quiets emotions and brings inner peace.

Uses: Enjoy Life, Motherhood, Nurturing, Bonding, Emotions, Peace


The stone of love. It is believed to stabilize emotions and soothe and bring order to feelings. It is thought to encourage compassion, kindness, selfless love and forgiveness. It helps you remain calm in dangerous or stressful situations and builds confidence. 

Uses: Love, Emotions, Soothing, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Calming, Confidence

Chakra: Heart


‘Stone of Gentle Love’. This stone is believed to bring love, calming and soothing. It brings healing and clarity to the heart. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages forgiveness, inner healing and replaces negative energy with loving vibrations. It helps to comfort in times of grief. 

Uses: Love, Romance, Calm, Sooth, Unconditional Love, Peace, Healing, Clarity, Relationship, Friendship, Negativity, Comfort, Grieving

Chakra: Heart


Like all healing jewelry, rosewood helps to clear negative energy. It has been used to treat ailments, both physical and spiritual. It is thought to keep your energy up and soothe the nervous system. Rosewood helps to accent qualities of compassion and love.

Uses: Healing, Energy, Compassion, Love

Chakra: Heart


This stone is believed to promote peace and tranquility, and may help to tap into your creativity. It brings order and calmness to the mind. Sodalite is thought to bring emotional balance and calm panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Uses: Calm, Emotion, Panic Attack, Peace, Tranquility, Creativity, Balance, Self-esteem, Self-worth, Self-trust

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye


This stone is today’s love stone, representing spiritual love. It opens the chakras and brings them into alignment. It teaches us to live in our truth and believe in our intuition. Sugilite encourages positive thoughts to help eliminate stress and establishes peace of mind.

Uses: Love, Alignment, Truth, Intuition, Positive thoughts, Stress, Peace of Mind

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown


This stone is believed to help you see through a fresh set of eyes giving clarity to your situation. It is a protective and grounding stone. It dispels fear and anxiety, and releases tension. It can help stabilize mood swings, give us willpower, purpose and courage. It is thought that Tigers Eye can help with issues of self-worth, recognizing your faults and strengths, and collecting scattered thoughts.  It may even bring you some good luck!

Uses: Mental Clarity, Solve Problems, Protective, Grounding, Fear, Anxiety, Tension, Mood Swings, Willpower, Purpose, Courage, Self-worth, Strength, Luck

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus


‘Stone of Hope’. This stone encourages self-confidence, and diminishes fear by promoting understanding of ourselves and others. It stimulates creativity and communication. Tourmaline releases tension and helps us to avoid negative energies.

Uses:Confidence, Fear, Understanding, Creativity, Communication, Tension, Negativity

Chakra: Base, Heart

Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline is the October birthstone

Anniversary: 8th


This stone tends to relax the whole body to soothe frazzled nerves and may help to relieve insomnia. This pure white stone helps stabilize your mood while clearing your mind from anxiety and soothe stress.

Uses: Relax, Insomnia, Mood, Anxiety, Stress

Chakra: Crown


‘Stone of Contentment’. Turquoise is believed to be a grounding stone that provides strength, healing and protection. It helps stabilize mood swings, brings inner calm, and may help to prevent panic attacks. It is a symbol of friendship.

Uses: Grounding, Strength, Healing, Protection, Mood Swings, Calming, Panic Attack, Friendship

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Birthstone: December (Blue Turquoise)

Anniversary: 11th