Howlite Jasper And Lava Bracelet Trio

3 bracelet trio

8mm Blue Howlite, Blue Howlite and Grey Map Jasper beads with Tree charm.
8m Blue Howlite, White Howlite, Black Lava
8mm Blue Howlite, Grey Map Jasper, White Lava



Howlite – This is a loving, calming stone that absorbs and uplifts tension, anxiety and stress. It may help soothe you into sleep. It is useful to control anger, bring calm and allow thoughtful communication to take place.

Jasper – ‘Stone of Harmony’. This stone provides stability, security, and calm making it a great choice for stress relief. Jasper has been recommended to help with anxiety, reduce nightmares and keep the mind calm for better study habits. It balances our physical, emotional and intellectual states. It aids stamina and enables us to endure energy draining situations.

Lava – This is a calming and grounding stone that gives you courage and strength. It is believed to enhance fertility. Add your favourite essential oil to carry their healing properties with you all day.